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Build Alaska's Future

Build Alaska's Future

Mapping the path to a stronger Alaska – one infrastructure project at a time. 
A 501(c)3 nonprofit.

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See billions of dollars in federal infrastructure funding across Alaska!

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Watch the overview below to explore the functionality of our interactive map of infrastructure funding across Alaska. You can also watch a webinar that outlines the key features and shows you how you can use the map yourself. We’re always looking for feedback, comments, and suggestions on the map! Please complete this survey to get in touch.


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Who We Are

Build Alaska’s Future Education Fund (BAFEF) is a 501(c)3 educational non-profit organization founded to advance the administration’s agenda through its mission of education, outreach, and advocacy on critical policy issues.

BAFEF aims to promote public engagement and understanding of critical infrastructure initiatives across Alaska, particularly those benefiting Alaska Native and rural communities, by giving a greater voice to Alaskans often not included in the wider discourse

Build Alaska’s Future Education Fund was founded by Alaskans concerned about elevating the state’s voice in the Build Back Better Plan and other national policies of interest. We are powered by a volunteer coalition representing a diversity of issues including, but not limited to, sustainable development, Indigenous peoples, infrastructure, rural Alaska, climate action, public health, reproductive rights, equity and inclusion, and labor. BAFEF promotes good governance, public engagement and civic participation.

BAFEF will harness the energy, creativity and commitment of the many individuals involved in the Alaskans For Biden-Harris volunteer organization and channel it into the nonpartisan development, discussion and implementation of positive public policy affecting Alaska.

BAFEF will supply information and education about federal policies and initiatives affecting Alaska and create opportunities for dialogue between decision-makers and Alaskans. This includes interfacing with the Biden Administration on personnel choices for federal positions that affect Alaska and Alaska interests.

Our Mission

We seek to represent a diversity of intersectional issues related to the interests of the Alaskan public and its success on the national level. The issues that concern Alaskans include, but are not limited to, sustainable development, Indigenous sovereignty, rural Alaska infrastructure, climate action and resiliency, public health and reproductive rights, and equity and labor. Our priorities include:

Grow in-state engagement with Alaska’s congressional delegation

BAFEF's efforts to educate Alaskans on critical policy issues can generate grassroots support for the Alaska delegation to work productively with the administration for the benefit of the state. Alaska’s senior U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski has been shown to be highly influential in the current political alignment and on the Biden Administration’s legislative agenda.

Promote local impacts and opportunities from federal legislation

The economic stimulus from the American Rescue Plan Act has already boosted crucial Alaska sectors such as tourism and fishing, while increasing the number of good-paying jobs in the long term. Greater policy education about national initiatives bolsters broad public support while countering and neutralizing the outsized negative positions of a vocal few. This holds especially true in Alaska’s small constituency, where BAFEF's presence can leverage a strong, positive voice for Alaskans in national discussions.

Leverage national relationships via BAFEF's coalition of diverse stakeholders

BAFEF's steering committee includes Alaska leaders in sectors ranging from labor, Indigenous rights, diversity, sustainable development, infrastructure, climate action, and more. This alignment of influential voices provides a network to national partnerships. Investing in this coalition can enhance Alaska’s capacity to strategically influence national policy.