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Build Alaska's Future

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide credible, trustworthy information that engages Alaskans in the fight to shape our future — together. BAF stands squarely in the moderate middle lane, and we’re calling out the benefits to our state of some landmark legislation and the critical infrastructure investments which have come our way and are yet to come.

Why We’re Here

Build Alaska’s Future (BAF) was founded to strengthen and improve public trust in government and other institutions which are crucial to growing Alaska’s future. Alaska faces a severe urban-rural divide, impacting individual communities and hindering the state’s ability to fully benefit from national infrastructure investments. Many rural communities risk being left behind in economic development efforts. 

By creating and maintaining our Infrastructure Funding Map, we empower Alaskans to discover local projects and funding opportunities, enabling active participation in building a better future. Our ongoing GIS mapping project fills a critical gap in public access to information about infrastructure development, funding sources, and project impacts.

By enhancing transparency, community engagement, and decision-making, we ensure that the benefits of infrastructure development reach every Alaskan.

Our Supporting Organizations

Build Alaska’s Future is a public education initiative jointly managed by two nonprofits:

Build Alaska’s Future Education Fund (BAFEF) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit focusing on educating Alaskans about the opportunities and benefits of federal funding. BAFEF works to contextualize the funding and share real Alaskans’ stories about what the funding means to them and their communities.

Build Alaska’s Future Action Fund (BAFAF) is a 501(c)4 formed to help keep the conversation “on the rails” through education focused on the benefits of the bipartisan infrastructure law. BAFAF also engages in advocacy to promote policies that support enhanced bipartisan and active public engagement.