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Build Alaska's Future

Our Mission

Build Alaska’s Future is committed to providing clear, accessible, and complete information about federal funding opportunities in Alaska.
We work to ensure Alaskans have the information they need as we work together to build a deliberate, inclusive, and sustainable economic future for our state.
This site tracks and shares the stories of major federal investments across Alaska. We believe the better informed our state is, the more we can take full advantage of this once-in-a-generation opportunity.

Partners & Resources

We’re not alone! Our work with Build Alaska’s Future compliments other organizations’ efforts to track federal investments in Alaska, such as the Alaska Municipal League and the Alaska Federation of Natives. Learn more about what each group offers and how we fill in the gaps below!

Grant Information and Support

The Alaska Municipal League has created a site to inform local governments about federal grant opportunities and support their applications. Visit their Alaska Federal Funding website for:

Tracking and Communicating Funding

Build Alaska’s Future contextualizes key federal investments in Alaska and shares the stories with the general public. Use our interactive map to view funded projects across the state!


Tribal and ANC Opportunities

The Alaska Federation of Natives Navigator Program helps inform and support the Alaska Native Community with respect to federal relief and infrastructure funds.


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