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Build Alaska's Future

Major GIS Map Enhancements

Enhancing Infrastructure Engagement: Build Alaska’s Future Upgrades GIS Map to Make Opportunities More Accessible to All Alaskans. 

Anchorage, AlaskaApril 7, 2024Build Alaska’s Future Education Fund (BAFEF) released major improvements to its interactive infrastructure funding map, aimed at revitalizing engagement across Alaska. These strategic upgrades are part of BAFEF’s broader effort to elevate community involvement in infrastructure development by making vital information more accessible to all Alaskansespecially those in rural areas. 


BAFEF’s interactive map is integrated within the State of Alaska Geoportal and is accessible at The map now boasts enhanced features to provide Alaskans with an intuitive platform for exploring federal and state infrastructure investments, including but not limited to:  


  • Interactive Project Details—Click on map icons to reveal in-depth information about each project, including funding amounts, agencies involved, and program details. 

  • Seamless Navigation for Overlapping Projects—New arrow buttons in pop-up windows enable users to easily navigate between overlapping projects, ensuring comprehensive access to information. 

  • Tailored Insights with District Filtering—Adding filters for Alaska House and Senate districts allows users to access localized information relevant to their specific areas of interest. 

  • Funding Totals by Category—Users can now see total funding across the state for entire categories of funding, such as broadband and transportation. 


“These upgrades are a significant stride toward our goal of making infrastructure benefits and workforce development opportunities universally accessible, especially to Alaskans in rural areas,” according to David Guttenberg, a BAFEF board member. Guttenberg underscored the significance of BAF providing a platform for all Alaskans to access and engage with this information, noting that “we’re empowering communities to participate actively in shaping their future. This initiative is crucial for bringing vital information and opportunities to Alaskans, reinforcing our commitment to a more informed, transparent, and engaged Alaska.” 


The BAFEF’s mapping initiative goes beyond providing access to data; it aims to connect Alaskans with the opportunities that arise from infrastructure development. Simplifying access to essential information and enabling community-specific insights, the project lays the groundwork for informed, community-driven development initiatives across the state. 


Community leaders, policymakers, and the public are invited to explore the project’s new features and utilize this comprehensive tool to inform and enhance infrastructure development efforts. For more information and to engage with the interactive map please visit 


About Build Alaska’s Future Education Fund:  


BAFEF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to improving Alaskans’ understanding and engagement with federal infrastructure investmentsemphasizing the importance of community involvement. 


BAFEF’s work highlights the relationship between infrastructure investments, such as those from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, and the opportunities they create, including job growth and community improvements. By equipping Alaskans with the necessary information and tools, BAFEF encourages active community participation. 


Through its activities, BAFEF complements the efforts of the State of Alaska, the Alaska Municipal League, the Alaska Federation of Natives, and Rural CAP contributing to a unified strategy for infrastructure development in Alaska. This collaboration ensures that all Alaskans can engage with and benefit from infrastructure projects, fostering community well-being and economic development. 

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